The Four Maps of Happy Successful People

by Robert G. Allen


The only guide to success you will ever need!

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Brilliantly simple and hilghly profound - the essentials of success in four daily actions. Robert Allen has always been great at simplifying even the most complicated subjects.

Daniel G. Amen, M.D.

Part visual guide and part deeply personal meditation. I kept asking myself "Why don't they teach this stuff in school?" If every student started their day with these simple excercises, their success would skyrocket.

Joel Comm

I can say for sure that The Four Maps is more than just a regular book. It is a clear roadmap that shows you how to live a fulfilled life. If you are aiming high and wish to achieve the incredible, then this book is what you need.

Denis Dovgal

When you think about Robert Allen, you think about money. But what is behind all that success? The Four Maps of Happy, Successful People is a must read - give it to everybody you love. A great life lesson from a giant thinker.

Alfio Bardolla